QUICK COUPLER (3-point, set coupler)

The set action coupler which hitches at the three point on lower and top links is standard equipment.
It is simpler and more convenient than making the three point connections separrately or having the two point lower links only.
Even when the tractor and drive harrow are inclined in opposite directions, positive hitching is possible because coupler insertion is upward.


Raking by the popular NIPLO drive harrow has been further improved and all improvements are embodied in the HR, HL series harrows.


The extending and retracthing of the extension rake, which removes traces of 'joints' between areas worked, is controlled from the tractor with this wire.
This wire remote control device is very useful when puddling at the border (levee) of a paddy field and when transporting.

SWING RUBBER (Special strong rubber)

Only possible by using rubber. Thanks to this rubber connection, a perfectly level finish is obtained with the levelling board even where the tractor sways from side to side on paddies or where there are plow furrows in dry fields. This 'swing rubber' connection is the result of cooperation in research and development between NIPLO and a specialist maker of rubber products. The equipment ensures a good finish on stony fields and where raking is difficult.

Models HR-2430B-3S HR-2630B-3S HR-2830B-3S
Suitable Tractor HP 24~40 24~42 30~52
Working Width 2440mm 2580mm 2780mm
No. of Blades 64 68 74
Hitching System 3 Set Coupler Cat. 0,1
Weight 305kg 325kg 345kg
Length 1000mm
Width 2600mm 2775mm 2980mm
Height 1000mm
Turning Radius 380mm
R.P.M.(PTO 540r.p.m.) 264 260
Travelling(working) Speed 2.5~5.0km/h
Efficiency 7~13min./10a 6~12min./10a 6~11min./10a
Models HL-2820B-3L HL-3620B-3L HL-4020B-3L
Suitable Tractor HP 45~65 65~100 70~100
Working Width 2740mm 3550mm 3910mm
No. of Blades 74 96 104
Hitching System 3 Set Coupler Cat. 1,2
Weight 470kg 565kg 575kg
Length 850mm
Width 2985mm 3795mm 4150mm
Height 1395mm
Turning Radius 385mm
R.P.M.(PTO 540r.p.m.) 294
Travelling(working) Speed 2.5~5.0km/h
Efficiency 6~11min./10a 5~9min./10a 4~8min./10a