Increased efficiency of harrowing by the wide working width

Soil Slider

It makes the soil which is pushed by the tire to wing side return to center side of tractor and ensures to finish the paddy field flatly.

Large size spring rake

Large size spring rake behind the blade and spring rake under the rake ensure to bury paddy straws and organic substances into the soil.

Models WRS3410N-3S WRD4110N-3L WMD4400-3L WMD5000-3L WLD5010NX-3L WLD5500NX-3L
Suitable Tractor HP 30~56 45~75 55~95 55~105 80~140 80~140
Working Width 3400mm 4100mm 4360mm 5000mm 5010mm 5470mm
No. of Blades 80 94 106 122 126 138
Hitching System 3 Set Coupler Cat. 0,1 3 Set Coupler Cat. 1,2 3 Set Coupler Cat. 2 3 Set Coupler Cat. 2
Weight 440kg 545kg 700kg 790kg 960kg 1000kg
Length 830mm 981mm 903mm 1010mm 1125mm 1125mm
Width 3510mm 4240mm 4526mm 5156mm 5230mm 5685mm
Height 1040mm 1110mm 1104mm 1104mm 1040mm 1040mm
Turning Radius 380mm
R.P.M.(PTO 540r.p.m.) 260 277 277
Travelling(working) Speed 2.0~5.0km/h
Efficiency 5~11min./10a 4~9min./10a 3.4~8.6min./10a 3~7.5min./10a 3.0~7.5min./10a 2.7~6.9min./10a